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Graphic Design

Since always, graphic design has played a major role in communication.
Having a unique and recognizable brand identity allows us
to have a permanent presence in the mind of the consumers.

Delos Graphic design

Brand Identity

A truly researched brand identity can help you stay imprinted in the mind of your customers. Trust the experts before you make a mistake!

Creazione loghi delos


The logo tells who you are and where you want to go. It's the first thing your customers will notice about you. You need to hit the mark, right from the start.

Grafiche Pubblicitarie Delos

Advertising Graphics

Attract new customers with graphics created specifically for your advertising goals. We like to change the rules of the game, always.

Social Media Management Delos

Social Media Content

Creating graphics aimed at entertaining and impressing your audience is vital - your customers will appreciate it.

business card Delos

Business cards

Less and less used, it must be said. But we still believe that business cards can be important, for some types of business.

Packaging Delos


The customer must be walked through and surprised, from the beginning to the end. The customer experience never ends and needs to be innovated.

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Edoardo De Juliis e Marco Losso Delos

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