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Social Media Management

Today, having a presence and a level of communication on social media is no longer a plus, but a necessity. Proper social media management has become a critical success factor.

Chiropratica Distefano

Dr. Federico Distefano is our best case. He became a Delos client with a poor presence on social media and a turnover that only allowed him to break even.

In 1 year, these are the numbers we have achieved:
+ 25,000 followers on Instagram;
+ 156.000 followers on TikTok;
+ 13,500 followers on YouTube.

To date, Dr. Distefano has increased his turnover tenfold and has become the most followed Chiropractor in Italy, seeing over 500 patients per month, with an average of 27 first visits per week.

Delos_Consulenza strategica

Strategic Consulting

Development of an editorial and strategic plan that aligns with your company's communication, values and goals. Planning and control.

Delos Graphic design

Graphic Design

Creation of original graphics to differentiate yourself from your competitors with style and quality. Posts and Stories will no longer be a problem.

Delos Copywriting


Without good copy, even the best graphics can be useless. Develop interactive copy for each of your social posts.


Videomaking & Editing

Nowadays, you can't do without the power of video on social, both to talk to your customers and to promote your products/services.

Delos_Data analysis

Data Analysis

We leverage the advantage that social gives us - data. We always aim to make "data-driven" decisions.

Delos_Community Management

Community Management

Managing and developing of a community around your business and brand. We build strong and direct connections with your audience.

influencer marketing delos

Influencer Marketing

We harness the power of social. Relying on industry "opinion-leaders" to promote yourself is often the right choice. But be careful not to be fooled!

Delos_Reputation management

Reputation Management

From rags-to-riches, it takes very little! That's why it's important to know how to manage your reputation on social media. We've been through a lot...

Customer support Delos

Customer Care

When you build a relationship with followers, they expect quick and certain answers. We're here for that, too... from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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